Climb's three-layer servicing approach

Our team and network of industry experts have deep experience connecting with borrowers and collecting delinquent payments. Through our internal processes and partnerships, we keep your students engaged and paying throughout the life of their loan.


Climb’s internal system: The Climb team internally works with the student to make the payment process clear and simple — and ensure that students get regular text reminders about their upcoming payments.

Climb’s servicer: Climb works with a servicing company — University Accounting Services (UAS) for loans funded BEFORE 10/16/23 and Launch for loans funded ON or AFTER 10/16/23 — to process payments, update account information, and help students apply for deferment or forbearance if needed.

Climb’s collections partner: Climb works with Loan Science, a company focused on working with students who are late on their loan payments — and increasing collections.

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