How do we receive the funds for a Climb Loan?

Note: These funding instructions relate to Advance funds. For more detail on funding for non-advance products, please reach out to your Partner Success Representative.

Step one: Verification

  • To ensure student data is correct before releasing funds, we implemented the Enrollment Verification process which allows school representatives to complete a final check before funds are released for a student. 
  • There are three conditions that must be met before a student can be verified. 
      • Rescission period — 4 days
      • Enrollment Period — Student must start their first day of class
      • Drop period — normally 0 days (to extend the drop period between enrollment and funding, please reach out to your account manager)
  • Once these conditions are met, a student is eligible to be verified and will be funded on the next funding date

Step two: Funding

  • When you launch with Climb, we will ask you for your banking/ACH information. At every scheduled disbursement date, we will directly deposit applicable funds to your account on file. 


  • Climb funds loans twice a month on the 10th and 20th business day 
  • Funds are disbursed via ACH payments. Please allow 1-3 business days for the funds to hit your account 
  • For a complete view of the schedule, please see our Funding Calendar!

Confirmation deadline

  • Every funding date has a corresponding confirmation deadline that requires students to be verified before that date. 
  • If the confirmation deadline is missed, the student will be funded on the next funding date. 

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