How do we delay funding?

Note: These funding instructions relate to Advance Funds. For more detail on funding for non-advance products, please reach out to your Partner Success Representative.


Climb allows our partners the option of adding a drop period which creates a delay in the period between students starting class and their loan being funded.

  • The standard drop period is 0 days.
  • The use case of this period is for when schools want to delay funding to ensure students are committed to the course.  
  • When this drop period is implemented, the period of days will show in the criteria before a student is eligible to be verified. The three conditions to be met before a loan can be verified and funded are:
    • loan rescission period - four business days has to expire.
    • Enrollment period - the student must start their first day of class.
    • Drop period - a set number of days added by the school
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