A student was denied — can you tell us why?

When a student is denied, they will receive an email from Climb with an Adverse Action Notice (AAN), which details the reasoning why the student has been denied credit and provides information on how they can contact the credit agency to learn more.

  • Due to regulatory requirements, we are unable to share the student details with third parties, including our School Partners. 

For more information about loan qualifications, you can review details or direct the student to our Learner Help Center!

If a student was denied, there are more options!

Feel free to download the attachment "Next Steps if You Weren't Approved" with follow-up details on what students can do after a denial. This includes:

  • Reapplying with a co-borrower
  • Requesting more information about your application
  • Checking your credit report
  • Removing negative items from credit report
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