What does each application status mean?

Applications — all applications that have been submitted

Status Definition Next Steps to Funding
 In progress

Applications that have not received an application decision from Climb. Climb will request more information to verify the student's application.

This can include: 

  • Verify SSN
  • Provide proof of residency
  • Provide proof of income
  • Processing - Climb is reviewing the application
  • Missing docs - student or co-borrower need to provide information to Climb
  • Under review - all documents have been submitted and Climb is reviewing

  • Pre-approved - Climb can likely approve but is still reviewing information
 Approved Student has been approved by Climb and has yet to accept their loan terms

Student to sign Master Promissory Note accepting the terms of their loan


Expires in X days - the amount of time remaining for the student to accept their Climb offer




Application has been approved and the Climb offer has been accepted

  • Cancellation period - we are within the student’s legal cancellation period 

  • Enrollment period - we are within the student’s drop period (the time between enrollment and funding set by your school and Climb) or the program has not yet started

  • Request pending - there is a request outstanding on the loan

  • Ready to verify - student can be funded pending verification by the school

  • Verified - students who have been verified but are not yet funded

Enrolled — all students who are enrolled in Climb financing

Status Definition
On track Students who have been funded and are on track with repayment
Past due Students who have been funded and are behind on repayment
Refund initiated School has requested a refund on a funded student and is in the process of being reviewed by the Climb team
Refund processing Climb is in the process of adjusting the student’s balance but may be waiting on funds to be returned from the school


Archived - students who are no longer active or whose applications are inactive

Status Definition
Payment complete
  • Complete -students who have been funded and have no balance remaining

  • Uncollectible - students who have been funded but the balance has been charged off due to prolonged delinquency and no further payments can be collected
  • Incomplete - students who never completed their application

  • Dropped - students who ended up dropping the class before their loan got funded

  • Declined - students who decided not to accept the Climb offer
  • Re-apply with co-borrower - students who were denied


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