What does each repayment status mean?

Enrolled The learner is presently enrolled in the program and is either on full deferral, where no payments are currently due but interest is accruing, or is making interest-only payments
Repayment Learner is making principal and interest payments
Paid In Full Learner's loan is paid off or there is no balance remaining
Deferment / Forbearance The learner has established a payment agreement to either make lower payments or interest-only payments
Accelerated Learner is 120 days past due or more, and the total loan amount is now due
Collection Learner's account has been sent to a collections agency
Default Loans is over 120 days late, but it hasn't been charged off or sent to Collections yet
Charge Off / Write Off Loan has defaulted, and the remaining balance has been written off
Bankruptcy Borrower has filed for bankruptcy, and Climb is no longer actively collecting on the student
Canceled Loan has been cancelled
Loan was in collections, and the borrower settled with the collections agency
Transferred out
The loan has been moved out of the previous servicer
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