How are students eligible for a Climb Loan?

Climb's eligibility criteria is designed to be aligned with our mission of expanding access to quality education. Therefore, Climb goes beyond the standard measurement of FICO scores and reviews a student's application more comprehensively. 

Our three main categories include:

  1. Ensuring students can afford their Climb Loan
  2. Measuring student's responsibility with their existing lines of credit
  3. Citizenship status

Students with 620 + FICO

Students with < 620 FICO

Credit History (Borrower/Co-Borrower) 1 year / 4 year None / None
Citizenship Status
US Citizen or Perm Resident US Citizen or Perm Resident
Debt to Income Ratio 50% 35%
Bankruptcy None within 5 years None within 5 years
Collections Cutoff Up to $100 Up to $100
Delinquency Cutoff Up to $250 (90 days) Up to $250 (90 days)
Delinquency Exceptions Medical Medical
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