Application integration API FAQs

For full instructions on integrating Climb with your CRM and information on what capabilities we have available, please see our Postman documentation. Additional answers to API questions are below:


For general API questions:

  • We would like to test a user’s flow from start to finish. Can we test it on one of our employees and then return the advance as a refund?
    • We wouldn't recommend having an employee run through the process themselves, as it will take a few weeks and they would have an unnecessary report on their credit. Instead, we can provide a test environment via our APIs, which includes sample student data and shows how payments look for our loan products.
  • All the test applications are stuck in processing. Am I able to see it in different statuses?
    • Yes, you can reach out to your Partner Success Manager with the submitted test reference numbers and have those applications get moved to various statuses. 
  • Your API says we should use schoolId (string). How or where can we find such IDs for Production and Sandbox environments?
    • Your Partner Success manager can give you this information. 
  • How do we get all our products and their IDs for integration?
    • Your Partner Success manager will be able to provide all of this information when needed.
  • How do I view the current settings of our courses?
    • Your Partner Success manager can provide this information, but you can also view what the student sees in a test application. On your school’s loan application page, type in the email field. This will allow you to fill each page with test inputs by pressing the "Fill the page" button that appears at the top. Once you get to the page where students pick a course, you will be able to see current course settings and the loan options available for each.
  • What are the different statuses and their meanings?
    • All of this can be found in our Postman documentation. The portal status shows what stage in the application is in the portal. The application status is similar to the portal status, but gives more detailed information. The repayment status explains if the loan is on track, late, etc.
  • I’m having issues logging into the sandbox portal. I entered the email both for the school portal, it says an email was sent to log in, but I did not receive anything.
    • The sandbox portal currently only works by authenticating via Google email. Check with your Partner Success Associate to make sure you have been given access.
  • What is the link to the sandbox portal?
  • Does Payrix integrate with HubSpot, Salesforce, etc?
    • Yes, using Climb’s APIs, you will be able to integrate Payrix data with all major CRM systems.


For loan-related API questions:

Pre-filling an application

  • Can we generate a link which will pre-fill fields such as product (course) and price without an option to change that?
    • The Pre-fill a loan application API allows details to transfer from your application to Climb’s application. The tuition amount, program, and start date can be locked. However, if you choose not to lock data, you can always request changes in the School Portal if data needs to be updated.
  • If a customer makes a second or third application, how could we see a connection between two applications from the same person?
    • Each application has a unique reference number. You can connect them through email or phone number in the School Portal. However, they will remain separate applications in the portal. If you still have the data stored from the applicant after their first application, you can resend them the same pre-filled application link for them to reapply. We have the verification process in place as well to make sure students get funded with all the correct details.
  • I am currently testing prepopulation script and was not able to find fields for SSN/Confirm SSN and Permanent status fields. So when I get to the second step, I have to manually enter those. Is there any way to pass those fields as well?
    • Those are two fields that cannot be passed.
  • What if I need to pass an additional field?
    • For the Pre-fill side there is note (string), and for App API, there is application.note (string), which can be used to pass unstructured characters from the start to your CRM system for a key piece of data that we do not provide on our side.

Enrollment verification

  • What criteria should we use to confirm a student is in the course?
    • When verifying students, we are looking for your institution to confirm 1) the student is enrolled and attending the class they say they are; and 2) the tuition amount they are financing is correct.

Applications API

  • If the Application is rejected and the user receives your message with the "Apply with a Co-Borrower" button, will they receive a completely new reference ID upon re-submitting an application?
    • That is correct. Each application has a separate unique ID that is assigned when it has been submitted. The student cannot reuse an old application. They would need to start a new one if reapplying. The email would bring them to the start of a new application.
  • How does a student move twice to the same status?
    • If the loan amount changes, the status needs to go back to processing to update, so you may see the application move back to processing a second time.
  • How often does the API update to our system?
    • The API and portal pulls from a cache which updates within 15 seconds of an app’s status change. If for some reason this does not happen, those statuses still change, as there is a once-a-day job to make sure any missed cache updates are reconciled as a last resort. If you are seeing this issue persist, please notify your account manager. 
  • What are the product_name values? Is there documentation that links product_name to the terms of the loan (APR, down payment, term, etc)?
    • Product name is the name of the loan. The product name outlines the term of the loan.
      • PI = principal & interest period
      • IO = interest only period
      • DF = deferred payment period 
  • Does product_financeamt include principal + interest?
    • Product finance amount is the amount that the student financed with Climb. The interest charge is separate from this amount. 
  • Does product_financeamt = product_financeamttuition + product_financeamtlivingexp?
    • No, if the student selected to opt into living expenses this would be separate from product_financeamt.
  • Is funding_advanceamt the loan amount?
    • funding_advanceamt = the advance amount that Climb will send for this student.
  • Does product_financeamt funding_advanceamt  = interest?
    • product_financeamt – funding_advanceamt = the amount that was held back from Climb.

Application submission webhook

  • We need to get a webhook about a student being approved or denied a loan from Climb.
    • To set up a webhook, we will need an endpoint from your side in order to link with our system. Please provide this to your account manager, noting if it is for test or production.


For payment-related API questions

Transactions API

  • I tested all the way through and hit this success page, but didn't get an email/don't see the payment reflected in API data. Is there a delay?
    • We don't have the receipt emails setup in Sandbox. It typically takes about 10 minutes to fully create a subscription on our side and return the successful transaction information.

Custom checkout

  • Can a checkout link be prefilled?
    • Yes, our custom check link API accomplishes this. You can find it in our Postman documentation.
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