How data feeds in the application integration work

Our integration consists of two parts: an application integration to improve the user journey, on-boarding, and handoff from your school to Climb; and a reporting infrastructure to integrate data about Climb borrowers with your systems. Learn more about the second part of integrations below:


Understanding data feeds

  • Climb leverages secure, automated data feeds via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) to send you relevant information about your students. This typically includes aggregate reports on all applicants from your school, including:
    • all the information from Climb’s school portal, as well as
    • loan servicing account reports on all funded students and their current repayment status.
  • Climb also offers tailored reports to showcase student trends based on the different Climb loan products, loan tenors, and advance rate tiers. These reports include status reports on students who are late on their payments.

How is this information used?

  • This document is proprietary and confidential. No part of this document may be disclosed
    in any manner to a third party without the prior written consent of Climb Credit.
  • Many of our partner schools use this feature to facilitate data reconciliation and integrate Climb borrowers and data into other internal systems.

What platform is this used through?

  • Climb provides FTP transfers through’s managed FTP service. Box FTP supports secure FTP transfer through FileZilla and other FTP clients. Climb can also provide file transfer services via the web interface or via’s “Box Sync” software.
  • FTP instructions are clearly defined for schools who would like to pull this information systematically and regularly into their systems.

What other features are available?

  • We are dedicated to offering best in class integrations. If your platform has needs beyond our current offering, we are happy to work with you to build out solutions that fit your needs. 
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