Guide to data feeds

We use different data feeds to send you relevant data about your students automatically, simply and securely.

Setting up data feeds

  • Your team will receive credentials for a Box account on Climb’s system, which you’ll need to tie to an email account.

  • We recommend using a general service account, like, rather than an individual email.

  • If you use a general service account, your team will need access to the email address to log into Box.

Files are accessible via three methods

  1. By logging into in a web browser
  2. By installing and running Box Sync from
  3. FTP, using FileZilla or any other FTP client
  • Connecting with Box
      • When you connect to Box, one folder will be available with your school’s ID number as its name. All data feed files will appear in it.


File Delivery

  • New files will appear shortly after 5:30am (ET) on scheduled day(s).
  • File contents will be midnight-to-midnight (ET). For example, a weekly Application Report posted on the morning of Monday the 29th will include data for Sunday the 21st–Sunday the 28th.
  • We can customize schedules and filenames for you; contact us to increase or decrease the frequency.


Additional debugging notes for Box FTP

  • Box supports FTP (port 21), FTPS implicit (port 990), and FTPES explicit (port 21) over
    passive FTP. Box does not support active FTP or SFTP.
  • Resuming an upload/download: The commands REST (restart) and APPE (append) are not supported. This means that we do not support resumable uploads/downloads on Box for
  • Any failed upload or download needs to be retried.
  • 530 Box: CAPTCHA is required. If you see this error, you have triggered Captcha on your account. To clear the Captcha, log in with your web browser and Box credentials (or External
    Password if using SSO login) to









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