What are the benefits of Climb's application integration?

Our simple application integration can make the loan process up to 90% faster for your students! Please contact your Partner Success rep to schedule an implementation call. Climb’s integrations typically take less than an hour to set up.


Climb Application Integration

This integration allows your students to move directly from your online application to a Climb application pre-populated with the student and program information that they enter on your website.

  • Easier process for the school — no need to manually match student names to application numbers or clarify discrepancies in information between our respective applications
  • Simple process for your students — minimizes the information needed to be entered. In some cases, the only information the applicant needs to enter again is their SSN!
  • Speed — an integrated application can be completed up to 90% faster, and an approval offer is more likely to be accepted by the applicant.
  • Accuracy — decrease manual errors
  • Back-office efficiency — Climb’s Application Integration ensures easy and accurate data reconciliation between your and Climb’s back-offices.
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