What’s the difference between a write-in message and a chat?

Whether you have a question on a student's application or would like to update a student's information on their application, our team is always happy to help with these requests through the School Portal. There are two main ways you can submit a message:

  • Submitting a write-in message is different from using the chat function.
  • The chat function connects you with a live representative while submitting a write-in message sends a request directly to the underwriting team and creates a log of the changes made to applications.

The write-in message function can be found in the final column of any School Portal table or in the student details section via the ellipsis menu and is titled “Comment.” Utilize this feature when you have a specific update to make on the student's application. This includes:

  • Updating student program dates 
  • Updating student campus 
  • Any general questions on that specific student's application





The chat function can be found on the bottom right-hand side of the School Portal. Click on the purple chat button and start a conversation with our Student Success team if you have a general questions.





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