How can I filter applications in the Portal?

When you need to see a specific subset of student data, the filters in the School Portal allow you to see this information more clearly. You can filter applications using the utility bar above each table. Available filters include Program Name and Campus. If you have any feedback on the available filter, please reach out to a member of the team!

  • Click on any of the filters buttons above each table to open up the filter modal. Use the dropdown menus and checkboxes to select the filters you would like to apply and click “Update filters.” Note: filters could take a second or two to load. 
  • To clear any filters that have been applied, click “Clear filters.”
  • If you wish to see the filtered data in CSV format, click the download button above the table and a report with the filtered data will download.





How do I filter applications? See video demonstration below: 


How do I easily switch between application statuses? See video demonstration below:


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