Why is my new magic link already expired when I click it?

The magic link is a one-time use link, so always make sure you are getting a new link to enter the School Portal.

If the magic link we've just sent is expired when you click it, this might be caused by the IT security filter on your organization’s inbox that clicks through links and verifies their safety. Many partners that use Microsoft Outlook as their email service provider have encountered this problem. 

To see if this issue is impacting you, hover your mouse over the link in the email you receive from Climb. If you see additional text (e.g., urldefense.com) wrapping around the link at the bottom of the page, the link will be expired if you click it directly from the email.


To remedy the problem:

  • Work with your IT team to ensure emails from Climb domains are excluded from these spam filters - see further details here. Climb’s domains are climbcred.it and climbcredit.com.

Other workarounds to try in the meantime are the following: 

  • Ensure you are using Climb’s recommended browser, Google Chrome
  • Ensure you have cleared your browser’s cookies
  • Copy and paste the new link into an incognito window
  • Copy and paste the new link into a new tab

Note: When copying the link, make sure you are using the “Copy” option and NOT the “Copy Link Address.” Once you have copied the link into the address bar, you should also double check to make sure only the Climb link is present before navigating to the page.


If you are still unable to login, please schedule a call with your Partner Success Manager. They will record your actions and troubleshoot the issue from there.

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