Meet Climb

We've funded the education of more 80,000 people at over 400 schools — education that's resulted in over $110 million net new salary earnings!

Our mission is to increase access to career-advancing education — which we do by partnering with skill-building programs to provide their learners with payment options that are structured to meet the unique needs of those seeking career training. We’re able to take the whole application into account, beyond simply a credit score, and ultimately open up financing options to more people who otherwise wouldn’t have had access.

“I am amazed how easy it was to apply and receive and instant answer.”



“Wonderful wonderful, thank you so much for your help! i could have NEVER have done this without you!”




“Climb does a really good job of informing you and being very transparent ... it’s probably one of the easiest payments to keep track of out of anything else I have on my plate.”



“I do want to go back within the next couple of years to pursue either an Education Specialist or Educational Doctorate ... and I will likely use Climb Credit when the time comes to return to school.”



Trust Pilot   

“I was very new to this type of lending process, so it was really nice to have this go smoothly when I was already making this huge life decision and these really big commitments.”


"Changing or launching your career is daunting enough, and the cost of tuition ... can be very overwhelming. I’m glad I made the leap, however, because paying for school has been the easiest part of the process."


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