What payment options are available through Climb?

One of the most important strategies for increasing access to education is to increase access to a diverse range of payment options — after all, financing and cost are the number one factors that students look at when deciding which school to attend.1

Not everyone is able to pay for the full tuition and any necessary supplies upfront. And while one person may prefer to use a short-term payment plan so as not to pay interest on a loan, another person may still be unable to make the higher monthly payment plan payments and might prefer to pay interest on a student loan in order to have lower monthly payments.

Below, we have an outline of payment options available through Climb, so you can help open up your program to a wider range of students in different economic situations.


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Climb Loan

You are paid a portion of the total tuition when a student starts your program (“Advance Tuition”), up to 100%. The amount of the initial advance depends on the student’s financial profile, your program cost, and your cashflow goals. Student term lengths include options for interest-only deferral, full deferral, and immediate full repayment.

Student monthly payments:


0% Interest Financing

This 0% APR loan allows you to flexibly choose the student repayment period to match your cash flow needs (12–36 months is most common). Student monthly payments are serviced by Climb and forwarded directly to your bank account.

Student monthly payments:


Interest-Free Recurring Payments

Make tuition more affordable with payments split up over the duration of your program, ensuring you receive the entirety of your tuition by program end. Payment intervals are set by your school (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly).2

Student monthly payments:


Upfront Payment

Point-of-Sale payments processing system that helps you consolidate all student finance processes under the ClimbPay platform. We help you process CC/debit or ACH payments at competitive rates.2

Student monthly payments:




1Statistics are based on self-reported survey results of climbcredit.com website visitors in September 2018. Synthesis of results based on 73/76 respondents.

2Climb helps schools set up and administer the plans and can help answer any questions they may have along the way. Payrix Inc processes payments to the school. Please note that Climb does not provide payment processing or payment settlement services, nor is Climb a money transmitter or a money services business. Climb is not affiliated with Payrix and does not guarantee Payrix’s services or compliance with applicable laws.

*This communication is not intended for students.

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