Partnership Pillars

We value our partners and know they play equal parts in fulfilling our mission to expand access to career-advancing education. We have four main partnership pillars that we hope will carry through in our partnership and the success of our students.


Learners First

Providing the opportunity for quality education to learners is our top priority. We believe in helping people succeed by growing their skillset. We have made a commitment to our learners to help provide a quality financing experience to match the quality education they will be receiving at one of our partnering schools.



Keeping an eye toward new products and innovation. We are constantly iterating and improving our product and workflows together.


Mutual Success

When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. Our partnerships are built on a mutual understanding of our product and a shared learner-focused objective. We are focused on creating success using these financing tools and providing a combination of results for learners, partnering schools and ourselves.



By committing to a line of communication that is both thorough and timely, Climb can provide better outcomes and opportunities for our partner schools. In order to stay on top of current needs, information must be shared freely with schools and learners. Climb will share learner communication data, satisfaction scores, and relevant loan data in order for all school representatives to review. The more we all know, the higher the probability that we will all succeed.


Climb partnership information

For more information on our mission and how we hope to impact students through our partnerships, please see our values here.

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