How do I verify students' enrollment?

Note: In order for Climb to send funds, each student's application needs to be individually verified in your School Portal.

In order for a student to be funded, they must have an accepted loan, e.g., reached the “Accepted” or  “Application approved & accepted” status.  Once here, three conditions then need to be met before they can be verified and Climb can fund the loan:

  1. Their mandatory loan rescission period of four business days has to expire.
  2. If your school has implemented a drop period, or a period of time between enrollment and funding, then this must expire. Your drop out period is set with your Partner Success rep — please contact your rep with questions. The drop out period is normally set at 0 days. 
  3. The student must start their first day of class.

A student that is ready to be verified will appear in the Applications → Ready to verify section of the School Portal. All loans that are verified before the confirmation deadline will be funded on the next available funding date.

  • If the student’s program, tuition amount and start date are all correct, click the “Verify” button to verify the loan. The loan can also be verified via the action center.
  • If the student’s information is incorrect, please do not verify the loan and instead update the student’s information using the various actions in the action center, e.g., Edit financing details, Comment or Cancel application. 
  • If you see an error on a verified loan, you can go to the action center, “Unverify enrollment” as needed and make any application updates that are needed, as long as the confirmation deadline has not passed.



See video demonstration below:

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