How do I submit a refund for a loan on Climb’s 0% APR, no-advance product?

  • If a student has not made a payment on their loan, please submit the refund request as normal.

  • If they have made a payment, there are two possible scenarios:

    • You would like all payments returned to the student- please submit the refund as normal. Note: This will put a future hold on the school’s remittance journal as the loan servicer sends a check directly to the student for their paid amount, and this is how they ensure the school returns the money.

    • You would like to keep the payments made by the student and write their loan balance down to $0. Please submit the refund request via School Portal as normal, but they will need to add in the refund comment stating the following: “Student completed a portion of the course, do not provide overpayment refund to the student, only reduce the loan to $0”. (example below)



Feel free to reach out to your partner success manager with any questions!

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