What happens if I need to change student's data after the loan has been verified?

All changes to a student's loan and application are managed in the School Portal. 

Once the loan has been verified, you can still make changes as long as the confirmation deadline has not passed. Note: the confirmation deadline is 3 business days before the funding date. Once the confirmation deadline has passed, no changes are able to be made on verified loans.

Step one: 

  • If the loan has been verified and needs to be updated, go to the action center and click “Unverify enrollment.” This will reverse the verification of the loan. The "Verified" student's application can be found under Accepted, All Applications sub-tab and All students tab. 


Step two:

  • To update the financing amount, go to the action center and click “Edit financing details.” 
    • If you're increasing the financing amount, the student will have to re-sign their loan documents.
  • To update any other information, leave a comment on the application.
  • To cancel the application, go to the action center and click “Cancel application.”

If the loan has been funded and updates need to be made, see below for instructions:

  • If the student's financing amount needs to be updated, this is considered a partial refund and a refund request will need to be submitted — see refund instructions. 
  • For any other changes, please reach out to our student success team by leaving a write in message on the student's application.
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